We love our ducks

When we decided to become duck farmers, we thought it sensible to raise and taste some different breeds to ensure we were producing the best ducks we could – from both a flavour and quality of life perspective.

Muscovy’s came out winning – they have a more robust flavour than other breeds, they’re larger – one duck breast can easily feed two people, they have great personalities, and they’re quiet (that’s for our quality of life). Muscovy is the preferred duck to eat in France, yet is very hard to find in Australia. And we now know why… they lay half as many eggs as other breeds, take longer to hatch, and twice as long to grow.

Most ducks you’ll find are raised in sheds to 8 weeks, with limited space to move, no access to sunlight,
natural feed or water to wash in.

We do things differently here. As soon as our ducks can keep themselves warm and large enough not to be bird snacks, we move them to out to pasture. We rotationally graze our ducks, moving them to fresh pasture every fews days. The majority of their diet is grass and bugs, but they do need a little extra feed which we have specially formulated using Tasmanian grain, free of antibiotics and hormones. Our ducks also have baths that they can splash around in. Be assured when you purchase a duck from us, that duck has had the best life we could give it. 

 Muscovy Duck

We love Muscovy for its flavour and size. Weighing on average 3kg, you’ll easily feed a family of six with one bird, with enough meat left over for a second meal. 

Muscovy has stronger duck flavour, a higher meat to bone ratio = more duck for your dollars, and is 40% leaner than Pekin duck but still plenty of fat for your roast spuds.

Muscovy needs to be cooked slightly differently to Pekin, you’ll find everything you need to know on our recipes page.

Muscovy Duck Eggs

With 2 times the Omega-3 fatty acids and 1.5 times the protein of chicken eggs, duck eggs are extremely good for you.

Duck egg yolks are richer and larger than chicken eggs making them perfect for dippy eggs. They also have a thicker shell meaning they have a longer shelf life.

The increased protein in duck egg whites make them wonderful for baking. Cakes made with ducks’ eggs will rise slightly more, be richer, and also last a little longer.